How Can I help?

There are different types of counselling and therapy on offer, dependent on the issue that you would like to work on and what you would like to achieve.

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Online or Telephone Therapy



This is for those clients who want the convenience of online or telephone therapy. This is suitable for clients who need to talk to therapist but cannot arrange a face to face session.

Some clients feel abler to talk freely using web chat rather than experience the anxiety of coming to therapy or may be that the traveling to a counsellor is difficult to arrange.

It is also very convenient way for all clients who travel a lot for work. Whatever the reason – web chat or telephone chat is a safe and

confident way of accessing therapy.

Each session last 50 minutes.

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Short Term Therapy (Brief Solution Focused):

6-12 sessions.



+ Short term therapy is focused on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, which is effective in treating a range of problems.


+ If you are looking to make specific changes and are unsure how or where to begin – Solution Focused Therapy can help you to focus on the goals, you want to achieve.


+ If you are a client who had previously therapy but you are experiencing a blip – Short Term Therapy could help you to top up your coping strategies.


+ If you are concerned about finances and have a fixed budget or have a time constrain to consider.


+ You think you might need longer term counselling in the future, but first need to put some strategies in place to cope with your immediate feelings.

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Long Term Counselling – Open ended Counselling.



+ You are experiencing long term anxiety or depression and find it a struggle to cope.


+ You may have unresolved issues from your past which are impacting your daily life. These may include experience of a trauma, abuse, eating disorders and more.


+ You might be stuck in a cycle of grief and finding it difficult to move forward with your life.


+ You are looking to undertake some personal development; you notice that you keep repeating patterns (either your relationships with others or any aspects of your life).